Who Owns the Projects in an ePortfolio?

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Who owns the work within an ePortfolio?

Through many of the web articles for this week, I have begun to get a clearer picture of who “can” own the ePortfolio through significant learning environments. In chapter 4 of the COVA eBook, Dr. Harapnuik really helped me to gain the concept with his Google map story and how his two boys tend to use the app differently. It makes me think of how we can choose to own our learning experience or simply follow step by step instructions to reach a predetermined destination. This simple analogy got me thinking about how life experiences impact us so much! I know we have all failed at things and had to “learn the hard way” as our parents may have put it. What made us make those choices instead of just “listening” to their words of wisdom? I know for me, I wanted to OWN the experience for myself. There was no way that someone else’s experience was going to impact my way of thinking unless I was able to experience that particular thing for myself. The same works for our students today and I really don’t see it ever changing.

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4 Reasons Why You Should Use an ePortfolio

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I have found that I am taking a stronger and more comfortable stance each day in using an ePortfolio not just for my master’s program, but for my personal benefit as well. Some reasons why using an ePortfolio are beneficial include self-reflection through blogging, modelling growth patterns for others to see, building a network of professionals that will help to create meaningful relationships for future collaboration opportunities and last, using the ePortfolio for what it is, a tool for future employers to see your current and past work as well as your potential in future jobs!

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Getting Started with ePortfolios

getting started
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The process of building my first ePortfolio in EDLD 5302 was quite an exciting experience. Though there were some requirements for what was needed in the initial review of our portfolio, we were really given a lot of freedom to choose, own and create an image of ourselves through our platform. As I have read through the articles from Dr. Harapnuik, I am seeing some paths to navigate in the coming weeks that will allow me to build a stronger and more professional digital voice of myself. I really like the recommendations that he made about specific sections to include in an ePortfolio. These sections will be a great way of getting started on improving my own ePortfolio, but I definitely feel like I will need more feedback in the next couple of weeks to help me move forward in this process. I will lean heavily on my fellow classmates and professor for valuable feedback in building up a better portfolio.

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Growth Mindset & The COVA Model Impacts…

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As I wrap up my first course for the Digital Learning & Leading Program with Lamar University, it is a good time to reflect on the things that I have learned and will take with me as I move forward in the program. Throughout this process, I have felt more and more confident that I can do this and that the learning that is occurring will have a lasting impact for years to come! I want to personally thank Dr. Still for her guidance throughout this process. Thank you for always being positive in our communication and available throughout this entire course! It made a great learning environment and I hope that the other classes are just as friendly!

Several questions I’d like to address as I come to the conclusion of the Concepts of Educational Technology course are below.

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The Journey Begins!

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

– Lao Tzu

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Here we go! This is finally happening! I have wanted to start this journey of earning my Master’s degree for years now, but my fixed mindset always told me, ‘You can’t do it’! Well, Mr. Fixed Mindset, get out of the way and make room for Super Growth Mindset Man! I have started the process by enrolling into the Digital Learning & Leading Program through Lamar University. I don’t know how this journey will end, but I look forward to the ride! Failure is something that is a part of growing and I am willing to step out into the unknown and see where I can go.